York Central Action

York Central Action

York Central Action

York Central Action is a broad-based community organisation formed in and around the York Central site.

Big planning decisions are being taken now and will continue to be taken over the next 30 years.  They will all have an impact on the future of York and its residents. Individuals and groups have a voice in these decisions through York Central Action, a non-party political alliance of business, community groups, churches and bodies concerned with education and training.


We believe that the best way to get the right decisions both now and in the future is to have a strong community organisation that can think long-term and through which groups can campaign together.  We are looking for a win-win with powerful input from local people.


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We held our first Community Conference on Saturday 29th April, speaking to a wide range of people with varying concerns and opinions. We are following this up with further pop-ups, including the West Bank Park Fair on Sunday 9th July

If you would like to Have Your Say please email myviews@yorkcentralaction.org.uk

The purpose of the conference was to bring people together to discuss the York Central opportunity and explore how the development can help make York a better place for us all to live – now & in the future.  It provided an opportunity for people to discuss key issues relating to York Central including – transport, housing, employment, education & training, the environment & anything else they thought was important, for example, heritage and health & well-being.