York Central Candidate’s Visions

We recently wrote to the candidates standing for York Central in the next General Election on Thursday 8th June inviting them to put forward their policy on the development of the York Central Site. We asked them:

 Are you able to tell us your policy on the development of York Central, both in the short, middle and long terms? In particular could you comment on how, if elected, you might:

·   Build on and enhance existing community initiatives

·   Promote a safe and healthy community

·   Take a holistic overview of transport needs for today and in the long-term with special regard to pollution, traffic management and environmental concerns

·   Promote job creation emphasising start-ups and encouraging entrepreneurs

·   Build on York’s heritage to promote research, education and training e.g. for railways and tourism

·   Promote a range of housing types and tenures with priority to those in housing need

·   Be open and genuinely participatory for local residents

To see what their vision for this development is, click on their image below:

Ed Young – Conservatives

Rachael Maskell – Labour

Nick Love – Liberal Democrats


We also felt it was important to ask the views of the Micklegate candidates who are standing in the by-election on the same day, asking them the same questions. To see what their vision for this development is, click on their party logo below: