Air Pollution & Flooding

Are you worried about increased air pollution & flooding?

Most of Holgate already falls in the bottom 20% of neighbourhoods in the country for Living Environment deprivation (based on air pollution, traffic accidents & housing). We have a higher than York average rate of emergency hospital admissions for lung disease (NHS 2012), and much of the ward is already an Air Quality Management Area – meaning it is failing to meet government air quality targets. Bringing 7,000 new jobs and up to 2,500 new homes will mean a lot more traffic moving through our ward.  Are you worried about the impact on your family’s health? Do you agree that more pollution is OK if it means York Central can go ahead?  Should the community be asking for any protections or limits to be put in place?

In 2015 many Holgate residents in the Leeman Road area were badly affected by the Boxing Day floods. York Central will be built in a flood risk zone, so any development is also likely to mean major changes to local flood defences.  Many residents are starting to worry about where flood water will go, and whether our parks, open spaces and properties will be under a new threat.  What information do we need to know and what guarantees do we want to see put in place?